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core services

Gauging & Metrology services

We are proud manufactures of various complex automatic measurement & Gauging stations.

  • Design services for Gauging & Automated measurement stations
  • Development & Manufacturing
  • Turn Key Solutions
Manufacturers of measurement and gauging solutions for various automotive,aerospace,defense,electronics,Oil& Gas and power sectors

Gauge Design & Development

We are well experienced design service providers for various customized gauge & Automated measuring stations ,Catering  automotive,aerospace,defense,electronics industry.


Our focus include Consumable gauge manufacturing,Air Gauges ,Electronic gauges and spare parts for measuring stations.We also undertake Turnk-key automation stations.

System integration

We are one of the leading measurement system integrator for line based measurement systems and   solutions,in-process measurement,3rd party system assessment  and consulting services.

We Are Offering Services & Solutions to support various manufacturing industries to increase product quality and reduce rejection

Other services

Gauging & Automation services

Consultancy services

We provide consulting for the industries that are trying to improve the product quality and reduce rejection rate

Spare parts Management

For the regular consumption of air gauges and other manual gauge measurement we offer a comprehensive spare part management program.

Distribution management

We maintain a fleet of dedicated suppliers and distributors as a part of the service to ensure a smooth working of the systems developed by us.

Calibration & Component inspection services

We provide third party calibration and inspection services for overseas and domestic clients that are looking for a reliable and efficient product delivery from their suppliers


For the firms looking for the optimum methodology for effective utilization of their measuring instruments and Gauges we provide a rigorous training for their employees.

Turn key Automation

We provide automation solutions that are compatible with INDUSTRY 4.0 and offer our customers with various range of measuring stations,Pick and place stations,Material Handling systems.All our systems are back tested and validated.

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Our projects talk about our merits.All our systems were extensively used by our customers and appreciated.That is why we are able to retain 90% our customer base.